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Silo started as a strong boutique insurance broker doing business with a variety of large, midsize, and smaller companies. In serving their needs throughout the years, our networks, contacts, and expertise have continued to expand where we are able to bring added value to benefit our client customers.

One major advantage is our years of helping companies with a wide variety of insurance coverages. This background gives us a large well-balanced perspective of what companies buying insurances need. Some risks, opportunities, and services, clients may be well informed about, and other areas not so much.

As we learn about each client company, we keep focused on the task at hand but still look to share knowledge on all aspects of insurance where we can be helpful.


To help companies with insurance needs using our industry knowledge, and enhance their benefit of doing business with us as we learn, source, advise, and help each client.


Providing excellent high touch service and expertise to improve each client company’s business success.

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